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Joseph “Joe” Melendez is a Florida Native, a Pastor's son, and a pro-family and faith candidate. He has been your neighbor since he was 3 years old, when his parents made the tough decision to move to Orlando from his birthplace in Connecticut. His Familia comes from the Island of Puerto Rico, with his father’s side originating from Ceiba, and his mother’s side coming from Coamo, Puerto Rico. His parents moved to the United States for the same reason as many migrant families: seeking a better opportunity for the future. As Joe grew older, he learned by their example the value of hard work, compassion, and commitment through working with their Church, as well as other charitable organizations throughout the district.

The values instilled in Joe have led to his involvement in various Florida political campaigns. Here, he has been able to help candidates who share his values of economic prosperity, strong education, and the importance of limited government.

Most recently, Joe has served as a Campaign Manager and Legislative Assistant for a Florida House Representative. These values and experiences are what Joe plans to take with him to the Florida House.

There is work to be done! The district is facing a surge in crime and homelessness, as well as increases in rent, leading people in the district facing stress, fear, and uncertainty. Additionally, Joe believes that there is a need throughout the state of Florida for better medical resources for our fellow citizens with disabilities, and a push to get members off the lengthy medical waitlists required to receive benefits. It is time to provide these families with relief.

If elected, Joe Melendez will be the champion of these families and yours. But we need your help! Please consider signing up for updates below, or consider donating using the button above. After all, as Joe would state: we are one community, looking to move forward together.


Joe Melendez is working for you!

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